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Ceramic Chakra Coffee Mug

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Drink your favorite hot or cold beverage and get inspiration from every sip with our magnificient Chakras ceramic mug. The cup has a shiny white finish with colorful chakra symbols to brighten your day. The C-shaped handle ensures comfortable gripping. 12 oz. Gift box included. NOTE: Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.

SYMBOL: The 7 rainbow colors are associated to the chakras and the endocrine system. Violet, crown of the head, pituitary gland is our connection with universal energies. Indigo, middle of forehead, pineal gland represents forgiveness & compassion. Blue, throat, Thyroid gland is our physical & spiritual communication. Green, heart, thymus gland is for love and sense of responsibility. Yellow, solar plexus, adrenal glands represent power and ego. Orange, lower abdomen, pancreas gland is associated with emotions and sexuality. Red, base of the spine, gonad glands represent grounding and survival.

Size: 3.25"DI X 4"