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Nataly''s passion is contagious and persuades us that happiness might be possible even when life is hard." -Shawn Achor, New York Times bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage
"Happier Now will feed your soul and nourish your mind. Expect inspiration, practical advice, and greater confidence that true, lasting happiness is within reach." -Elena Brower, author of Practice You

Do you find yourself stuck in the "I''ll be happy when . . ." trap, believing that achievements or big life changes are what will bring you lasting happiness?

In Happier Now, nationally recognized emotional health expert Nataly Kogan shares her lifelong struggle of searching for the elusive "big happy" to how she finally made the essential mindset shifts that allowed her to live with more self-compassion, joy, and meaning.

Nataly redefines happiness as a skill that anyone can cultivate. She shares a wealth of simple, science-backed practices-used successfully by more than a million people-so you can experience more joy in ordinary moments and greater resilience when times get tough.

Nataly''s approach is grounded and practical. You won''t be asked to make difficult, time-consuming changes or gloss over life''s very real challenges. Rather, you''ll learn five core skills-and the science behind them-so you can feel more joy and less stress in your daily life.

Highlights include:

- 3 mindset shifts to make happiness and emotional health a reality
- Why happiness doesn''t mean being positive all the time
- Research and tips to help you practice self-compassion
- Daily Anchors-a custom set of practices to help you cultivate joy daily
- The 5-Minute Happier Workout-for whenever you need a boost
- Strengthen your "emotional immune system"-develop resilience for when times are tough

Filled with accessible, science-based exercises and inspiring stories, Happier Now will help you bring more happiness and meaning into your life, beginning today.